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Midwives are specialty trained healthcare professionals that help expecting families through the process of pregnancy, birth and to six weeks postpartum. We do this by providing safe & skilled care to you & your baby. Being pregnant is a special time; thus, we want to provide you with the support you need during and after pregnancy. We will help you make your birthing experience the best we can by providing informed choice decisions for all recommended care. We can provide hospital or homebirth. We will come to your home after your baby is born for health checks for you & your baby.

Midwifery services are free to you. They are covered by BC Medical Services Plan (MSP) if you have a valid CareCard.

During this uncertain time of COVID we offer our appointments in-person, by zoom, or by phone call to Trail, Rossland, Fruitvale, Salmo,  Castlegar, Grand Forks, and surrounding Kootenay area. 

ALL families are welcome here.


Jenifer Arnosti

Registered Midwife (RM)

Welcome to Mountain Midwives! We provide continuity of care to allow us to give you the safest & best care possible.   

We love what we do!


Maggie King & Sue King 

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) possible risk outcomes

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Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Score

Traumatic childhood events are associated with health risk behaviours and many types of adulthood chronic illness.

ACEs are common. Nearly two thirds of adults report at least one ACE. As the number of ACEs increases, so does the risk of health conditions.

Please access the questionnaire below. One point is given for each event that has occurred in your childhood.

Your ACE score will assist us in giving you the best care possible. We will only record the score in your chart. We do not need to see your answers.

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